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Istria is the largest Croatian peninsula, located on the northern part of the Adriatic, on the territory of Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. According to some sources, the name of the region derives from name of the Illyrian tribe Histri who lived in that area. The Romans called it Terra Magica. Since the region has a rich Roman history, it is the location of many buildings from that era. Most of the preserved Roman monuments are found in Pula: August temple dedicated to the goddess Roma and Emperor Augustus, the town forum, Hercules Gate, the Twin Gates, Triumphal Arch, Roman theater, amphitheater for gladiatorial combats.


Istrian coast is 445 km long or 539.9 km with islands. The highest point of Istria is Vojak on Ucka mountain, at 1,401 meters above sea level.

Istria is usually divided into three parts: the "Red" region on the west coast with the predominant red-brown earth known as 'crljenica', the "Gray" or central region with the predominant gray clay soil, and "White" Istria on Ucka mountain and in the eastern part of the peninsula, with the predominant rocky ground.


The coast and the islands of Istria are covered with Mediterranean vegetation, and the region is rich in oak and pine forests. Three rivers are flowing through Istria: Mirna, Dragonja and Rasa. Istria has mild Mediterranean climate, with sunny and warm summers and mild winters. Istria is well known for its unspoiled nature and clear sea.

Brijuni National Park and Nature Park Učka are legally protected areas, beautiful locations that anyone should visit. You should also visit other interesting or protected natural areas: Lim Channel, Motovun Forest, Zlatni Rt (Golden Cape), Sjanska forest, Rt Kamenjak (Cape Kamenjak), Palud Reserve, etc.


The best-known industry in Istria is shipbuilding (shipyard Uljanik). The population is also working in the processing industry, agriculture, fishing, construction, trade and other sectors. The continental parts of Istria are famous for agriculture, and the parts closer to the sea for the cultivation of grapes, figs and olives. Istria is known for organically grown food, quality wine and olive oil.


Istria is one of the most important tourist destinations in Croatia, with numerous resorts and attractive destinations. The main advantages of Istria - near the main land and sea routes of Europe, favorable climate, warm and clear waters, untouched natural beauty, friendly hosts, excellent authentic gastronomy - wine, cheese, prosciutto ham, olive oil, etc., and special features of continental tourism (wine road and olive oil roads) are the cause of increased demand for tourist accommodation in Istria. Today Istria is not only attractive because of its coastal areas, but it also draws more and more fans of agritourism, eno-gastronomy and ecological tourism.

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