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Inland Istria

05vizija.net is a small business in Istria in Croatia, which provides services in sale, purchase and lease of of real estate and other activities related to real estate.

We provide a complete service - from sale and search for real estate property, checking ownership documents, organizing viewing of property, to a sales / lease contract, and registration of ownership of property in the land registry, and preparation of tax application forms for the competent authorities.

05vizija.net has been providing these services for over 10 years. We have substantial prior experience that guarantees top quality service and your satisfaction with the services provided. Please contact us if you want to buy or sell real estate in Croatia, particularly on Istrian peninsula (Istria County). We will advertise your property and arrange the viewings by potential buyers. If you are buying a property, we will find one that fits your needs and budget.

Please contact us and we will find you a suitable house, flat, apartment, building or agricultural land, business premises, or property for rent or investment. Our goal is to assist you to sell your property or to find you a place to live or spend a holiday in beautiful Istria. Contact us or come personally to our office, and let us help you to make your wishes come true.


ATG inženjering (ATG Engineering)

ATG INŽENJERING d.o.o. from Pula is engaged in activities related to the YTONG product range, and has a valid license contract to manufacture and sell Bijeli strop (White Ceiling) prefabricated construction - Croatian product, which was invented and patented by Prof. Ante Mihanović. The principal activities of the company are production and sale of "Bijeli strop" prefabricated construction, trade in products and services related to the YTONG construction material, technical consulting in the process of designing and constructng the YTONG system, the construction work and real estate business.
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Law Office of Lorena Rudolf

Law Office of Lorena Rudolf represents domestic and foreign natural and legal persons, and their activities are based on commercial and civil law in the broader sense. They handle legal issues related to the commercial law, and real estate law, distraint law and tort law, prepare all types of contracts and other legal documents, represent clients in the courts and the relevant administrative bodies. Professional communication with the law office is also possible in the Italian language.
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05vizija.net - Sv. Teodora 2, 52100 Pula, Croatia

Telephone: +385 (0)52 211 730 - E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Real Estate Agency: www.realestate-05vizija.net

Mobile for Real Estate Agency: +385 (0)98 170 7110

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Web design: www.05vizija.net

Mobile for web design: +385 (0)98 890 239

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Selling property

Do you want to sell or rent your property in Istria?

Send us the information about your property with our contact form, call us or send us e-mail. We will contact your to arrange the viewing of property and to work out the details of the contract.

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Searching for property

Are you looking for a property in Istria?

Only part of our offer is published on this website. Contact us to search for specific property, we will look for it in our database or we will contact our associates to find it.

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In need of services

Do you need professional services for your property?

Contact us for inquiries and additional information about the planinning, construction, land subvision, renovation and other services, and we will contact the appropriate business associates.

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